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Journal Post 9

Journal Post 9
EME 2040

Chapter 9 Expressing Creativity with Multimedia Technologies

How can teachers create PowerPoint presentations for maximum teaching potential and learning impact? 1. All learning styles can learn 2. PowerPoint can be used as a large group 3. Games played on PowerPoint 4. Digital Learners

PowerPoint can either help students learn or it may hurt them by being too long and boring. On the PowerPoint the teacher can add a video, this will help the teacher get the point across to all students. The majority of the students will learn this way because it helps students that are visual, auditory, and tactile learners. The teacher needs to make sure that the video he/she "The ScreenChomp", but it can be used on a SmartBoard as an interactive game.

PowerPoint's can be used to teach an entire class and everyone can listen to the teacher, professor, or presenter. It shouldn't be too long due to people not able to pay attention for longer than a certain amount of time. You can also have the entire classroom involved if your school has laptops/computers in your classroom. That way all the students are involved, you can choose different students to get involved by having go to the main laptop and have them type the information in and another student reading the information to be type, like the one shown in this video. In this video it shows how these middle school students are learning how to create a PowerPoint and learning about the subject at the same time.

The teachers can create games or even play games that are already created on a PowerPoint. The children again learn from all learning styles. The games are fun and the students want to keep playing which keep them interested and they will keep learning. These PowerPoint's can be used on a SmartBoard or Whiteboard. This YouTube video is a Spanish class and this professor plays Jeopardy! What a fun way to learn! 

In Conclusion, the use of technology in the classrooms are so important! The digital learners need their way of learning and not just the traditional learning styles that are taught in class. I have included this video that really hits home about how students feel about technology and how they learn.


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  1. Great focus on the various ways of using PowerPoint in the classroom! There's a web-based version of the Jeopardy game, as well. Thinking about the use of multimedia in both teacher presentation (i.e., student consumption) and student creation is important in today's world. Love that last video - always a favorite of mine! :)