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Journal Post 11

Journal Post 11
EME 2040

Chapter 11 Engaging Students in Performance Assessment and Reflective Learning

What is performance assessment for teachers and students? 1. Performance assessment for teachers. 2. Performance assessments for students. 3. Tech Tool 11.1, TaskStream 4. Sample of an Assessment Form

Teacher assessments are to find out how well she/he are teaching their students. Are the students learning? Are the students progressing? This is not all that is involved in getting assessed. They need to see your teaching style, your classroom management, and how you communicate with the families. These are all important in order to teach in a classroom. So before you can even get hired, they want to see how you teach in a classroom. These assessments don't just help the employers or principal, but also for you to grow and become a better teacher. Here's an example of a teacher evaluation created by Charlotte Danielson. There are many different evaluations and assessments for teachers so they can improve in their teaching skills.

Student assessment are just as important as the teacher assessments. The students and the teacher need to know how much they learned. According to Robert Maloy in a student self assessment you need to ask, "Are students learning? and, if they are not, What can I do to change this?" This is very important for a teacher to know if her students are learning or not. Also, teachers need to keep assessing the students as often as the school requires the teacher to do so. These assessments are also used for grading the students, family conferences, and helps the teacher to help those students that are falling behind. This video contains one way a teacher can assess her students. This is a good idea because she is involved with every students assessments and she knows what they are improving in and what they need to work on. Also, the students know their goals to learn more and they focus on that and try to get better at it. The teacher will or can use this with parent conferences. This assessment works both ways, one, the student is doing a self-assessment which they know what they need to work on and they know their achievements. Two, the teacher is aware where the student needs help and what their goals are being achieved.

When I become a teacher, I will be very involved in assessing the students and having them assess themselves. When I used to work in the public school system, the principal used to assess me. She would talk to me about my good qualities and things that I needed to work on. I think that it is the same way in Collier County, but I am not really sure. I think that being assessed will only help me to continue to be a better teacher. Assessing the students will help me to know my students learning abilities and setting goals for them and setting goals for myself to find better ways to help them learn.

ToolTech 11.l I chose the TaskStream. The TaskStream is a tool used for archiving information that you have created. This digital portfolio can be used to log information that you have learned or you are learning about. It can also include resources that you may need later on during the year. Also, this can be used for lesson planning and can include standards too. This will be a helpful tool to use as a future teacher. This can be saved or shared or saved for future use. The video that I am sharing gives you directions on how to add information, share, or save it. It seems to be a helpful tool if you know how to use it and this video should help.

I have included a link to a sample of a teacher observation form. This will give you an idea of what a principal or curriculum specialist will look for while you are teaching. This one is of an English teacher observation form.


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  1. Very comprehensive posts and love those embedded videos (Yay!). :) Continuous improvement (and thus a type of learning) can't happen well without concentrated effort to assess and reflect. Portfolios, discussions with teachers/supervisors, and even standardized tests can assist in the process. The key is to find a good balance and then to be flexible for change as it needs to occur!